High-Speed DSL: Save Time, Get Fast Speeds

High-speed DSL is the perfect marriage of fast speed and affordability. DSL services and speeds aren’t the same across all providers, but one thing that is universal is you need fast speeds to do the things you love, like playing videos, music and games.

How fast are DSL speeds?

If you’re not familiar with DSL speeds, then when you see “5Mbps,” that probably doesn’t mean much to you. For a better idea of how fast high-speed DSL is, take a look at how download speeds relate to your favorite online activities.

  • Download speeds more than 10Mbps. A high-speed DSL connection with speeds this fast are perfect for streaming video clips, setting up a home network and testing your skills playing online games.
  • Download speeds between 5Mbps-10Mbps. Speeds in this range are great when you want to share photos on social networks, download some music or just update your online profiles.
  • Download speeds between 1Mbps-5Mbps. . Plans within this speed range are what you need to send emails, online shop, browse your favorite news and sports sites and download smaller files.

DSL Internet service providers usually all offer a bunch of different plan options, because not everyone uses the Internet for the same things. You can call today to find out which DSL plans accommodate the way you use the Internet.

Finding DSL service: factors to consider

Certain factors help determine which high-speed DSL plan is right for you and your family:

  • The number of people in your home
  • The types of things you like to do online
  • Your budget

The more people getting online under one roof, the more speed support you need.

You also need a lot of support if your home is a hub for entertainment – meaning you rely on the Internet for videos, movies, music, pictures etc. – then you’ll need a plan with faster speeds to accommodate those media-rich activities.

You don’t have to be rich to engage in media-rich activities – you just have to find the best balance between speed and affordability. Sound tough? Not when you have the DSL Internet experts on your side.

Call today, and you can find out which high-speed DSL plans not only cover your needs, but stick to your budget. Ask about bundling to take advantage of even more savings!