DSL Providers: Bundles, Deals, Downloads and More

You aren’t looking for Internet service that merely gets the job done. You’re in search of an Internet provider that you don’t have to worry about – that you know delivers fast speeds for an affordable and reliable price. So how do you find the holy grail of DSL providers? You compare.

Comparing can take a lot of time that you don’t have – which is why we have Internet experts that do all the leg work for you. Call today, and within minutes you’ll know which DSL providers are available in your area, and which ones offer the best deals.

What kind of offers can you expect from DSL Internet providers?

  • Internet bundles. You can’t talk about DSL providers without talking about DSL bundles. Bundles have become a huge part of how Internet providers offer service. A bundle is simply ordering two or more services from the same DSL provider. It’s a great way to save time and potentially money. DSL is perfect for bundling because it already uses a phone line, making getting landline service a breeze.
  • Free customer support, 24/7. When your car breaks down you take it to a mechanic, and when you have questions about Internet service, you call customer support. Many DSL providers know the importance of having a reliable support team, which is why you’ll find that an overwhelming majority offer free 24/7 customer service.
  • Installation deals. Setting up DSL Internet is nowhere near as complicated as it might sound, which is why a lot DSL providers give you two installation options: professional installation or a self-installation kit. If you choose the self-install route, you receive the kit (which is often free) with some user-friendly directions. Installation on your own shouldn’t take more than 30 or so minutes.

DSL providers: spotting the biggest differences

The biggest areas where DSL providers differ are :

  1. Coverage area
  2. Download/upload speeds

Coverage varies state to state and ZIP code to ZIP code. DSL providers can’t always cover the same areas, which is why the easiest way to find out what’s available in your area is to call.

Download and upload speeds are also one area where DSL Internet providers vary. Download speeds are vital for efficiently accessing movies, videos, music, photos etc.

Download speeds are measured by megabits per second, and vary package to package. That way, different types of Internet users with different types of budgets can find a plan that has the right speeds to accommodate their needs.

The faster the download speeds, the more expensive the Internet plan. To find a DSL provider who offers a fast plan within your budget, call today!