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There are cheap DSL providers offering high-speed and always on DSL around the country. When DSL is your Internet service choice, you can reach the Internet nearly as quick as cable with prices that are some times half as much.

Broadband DSL providers offer always on Internet connection. DSL technology offers fast Internet speeds with some local DSL providers offering speeds as high as 25 Mps. Unlike cable, your DSL connection is yours alone and not shared. This means that no matter how many users are on-line with your DSL provider, your speed remains fast. When many users are on a cable provider’s network, they share bandwidth and speed becomes slow. The high-speed Internet connection you are paying for is less fast than you think.

If you live in the continental United States and want to bundle your service, there are plans that include home phone or satellite TV.

Maybe your looking for an affordable Internet service. Your local DSL provider could have plans that start well within a reasonable budget. Even though DSL is the cheapest form of broadband Internet service, it has all the benefits of broadband. This includes some these other benefits:

  • Budget priced services as low as $19.95 per month in some locations
  • Many options for pricing - speed related
  • Secure connections to the Internet
  • If you have a phone line you can connect to the Internet with existing hardware
  • Easy to install by DIY, however, professional installation is available, often at no charge
  • Available in many United States suburban area

It makes sense to save money and still have one of the top DSL providers offer you all the benefits you want from a fast Internet connection.

Some cable providers claim they are the fastest way to connect to the Internet. When fewer people use their bandwidth, they are. But, the difference in the fastest connection by a cable service compared to a fast connection from a top DSL Internet provider is meaningless unless you are downloading tons of pictures or sending and receiving very large files. For 95 percent of Internet users there is no need for blinding speed - DSL's speed is more than enough and the difference is likely unnoticeable to the average user.

But if speed is your thing, you should know that over the last ten years DSL technology has changed to make DSL networks faster and more reliable. With DSL service, many providers offer optional high-speed services such an ADSL2+. These connections have plans that reach speed of up to 25 Mps downstream. If your local telephone company has completed conversion to fiber optics, it is possible reach speeds of up to 50 Mps or more.

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